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The inscription reads KEUFFEL ESSER Co NEW YORK 4652. The serial number date made 1900 maker Keuffel I got a k e transit the serial no. is 233737.
Keuffel Esser Slide Rules. that and the serial number 44063 date this slide rule to 1951. The serial numbers are 016710 and 046742. Keuffel Esser transit.
Find great deals on eBay for keuffel esser transit and keuffel esser Keuffel Esser Co. Transit Serial Number 48339 amounts may be slightly.
$ 7.99. See similar items Antique Keuffel Esser Co Transit Level Model 5694 Keuffel and Esser Company Wyteface 25 ft Tape steel tape in the original.
The Keuffel and Esser Co., also known as K E, was a drafting instrument and supplies company founded in 1867 by two German immigrants, William J. D. Keuffel.
A vintage Keuffel Esser transit No. 75 0300, serial number 204816 in the original oak wood box with a wooden tripod stand. The transit appears.

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Bob's Calculators and Slide Rules. Keuffel Esser. The serial number on this N4041, 112404, dates it to around.
Collector's Guide to Antique Surveying Equipment. There should be tally tags every ten links; each link should be 7 Old surveying transits.
archive-superstore75’s diary. date download. keuffel esser transit serial number date download free. keuffel Windows 7 Bueno.
The 1942 end date for serial number series A is based on the Cooke Radio 4139, item #50, Determining Slide Rule Production Dates; Tables.
Transits. Keuffel Esser / K E Explorer's level. or other name instrument and giving me the serial number. The serial # 1. 3,3. That dates this transit.
Find used K E Paragon for sale on ( keuffel esser) paragon engineers transit is one of the last of the "old i did not see any part numbers or serial.
Keuffel Esser produced slide rules and imported planimeters for over 100 years. K E Catalogs and Price Lists. Cross Reference Indexes.

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Date / Time : October 12 Builders' Transit-Level by Keuffel Esser Company, the anodized instrument with oak carrying case with Keuffel Esser.
KEUFFEL Esser Vintage Antique Transit Y5160F Young Sons Brass Architect Rare - 9.00. Really nice transit, serial number 73385, which dates.
Keuffel Esser #5081 1/2 C Mining Transit w Transit The serial number on this Engineers transit that dates from 1908. The serial # 17657.
Shop for keuffel and esser on Etsy, Antique Keuffel Esser Co Transit Level Model 5694 - Farm Level with Tilting Telescope and with Compass Frankenmike.
Shop for keuffel and esser on Etsy, $ 7.99. 5 out of 5 stars Vintage Keuffel Esser Transit Surveyor Telescope with Very Rare To find Original Tripod Included.
K+E 71-1010 Jig Transit Cubic This is a Keuffel Esser model 71-1010 Paragon jig transit in very good This item carries a 7-day right of return.
Keuffel Esser Co., Hoboken, K E 4078 Production Lot #7. 1900 Note: the serial number dates the stock around.

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Keuffel esser transit serial numbers date 7

K E Engineer's Transit made after 1966. The green paint and serial number I think date that instrument to the late 1960's. So it isn't a particularly old instrument.
Keuffel Esser Co Antique Survey Equipment Paragon. All accessories included. Last time used was approximately 5 years ago and worked.
A frequently asked question is, "How old is my Gurley instrument?". In some cases this is a very simple question to answer, in others much detective.
Cool Links. These are sites that and other information relating to Keuffel Esser: Instruments and Serial Numbers of several makers are listed.
Find great deals on eBay for Keuffel Esser in Vintage Antique Keuffel Esser K E Transit With Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly.
Keuffel Esser Serial Numbers Transits. keuffel esser transit serial number date download. keuffel esser transit serial number date archive-superstore75’s diary.Serial Numbers: Serial numbers A date range for a given model can be established doing this. Many of the major variations of a given model can be observed.
equipment, name: 76-0235 K E Keuffel Esser Wooden Vintage Transit Tripod 3 760235-keuffel-esser-wooden-vintage, date Gurley Transit Serial.
The inscription reads "KEUFFEL ESSER Co NEW YORK 4652." The serial number date made 1900 maker Keuffel I got a k e transit the serial.
Can you add to the list of sextant numbers? AERO. U.S. NAVY / SERIAL NUMBER 8 / MADE BY / KEUFFEL ESSER CO. N and gives the dates to be November.
Transit Catalogue number The serial number corresponds with a date of about 1908. By 1913, Keuffel Esser had changed the design Surveying Instruments.
104416 for sale 104416 Wood 5155 Serial Esser Keuffel Case Ny Level Transit Vintage That serial number dates the transit to Phone here is a great.
Used for mounting levels, transits, theodolites, etc. The date of this which has been dated as 1906 from the serial number. Made by Keuffel Esser.Find great deals on eBay for keuffel transit and Vintage Antique Keuffel Esser K E Brass Transit Survey Serial Co. Non-Transit Theodolite Serial Number 48339.
Keuffel Esser Transit The inscription on the compass dial reads “KEUFFEL ESSER CO. The 18373 serial number corresponds with a date of about.
KEUFFEL AND ESSER CO. is a trademark and brand of KEUFFEL ESSER OF NEW JERSEY, Serial Number: 71525879: Filing Date: 7/3/1947: Registration Number.
File:Keuffel Esser slide rule, model 4081-3 (ca. 1940) KEUFFEL ESSER CO. N.Y. Date Taken : 2004/12/11. Serial number of camera: 1420506696.
Surveyor's Transit by Keuffel Esser Company, dual spirit level and maker's boss with name and serial number, with 1882 patent date, and a Keuffel.
Keuffel Esser Co. Slide Rules. as serial numbers were recycled three times at K+E. The copyright or patent date IS NOT the date of manufacture.
* This date appears in a company description transmitted as The production year is probably encoded in the Serial Number: FPM, Keuffel Esser (Brunton.It holds the issued certificate number 1 and Only product marking is on the 13-7/8 set 984, made by Keuffel Esser Co., New York, no date, circa.
VINTAGE Keuffel Esser Co. Surveying transit and Vintage Keuffel Esser Co. Surveying equipment of some sort old transit I believe. serial number.
Date / Time : September 11, 2004 Keuffel Esser Military Transit, No. 127819, 1952 - P5136 Ill., with black Compass, Keuffel and Esser, Orientation.
Buy Keuffel Esser, 75-0300 prices, keuffel transit for sale, keuffel esser transit Level model Phone serial Phone box Survey.
Serial numbers can be used to approximate the manufacture date of a given rule however not necessarily the sales.
K E/Sperry pocket-watch slide rules are rather special and “Keuffel Esser Co. NY. Pat Oct 25.04 begin to estimate a sales date for each serial number.
Keuffel Esser Co. Transit Serial Number 48339 Circa 1924 7 " limb (?) 11 * Estimated delivery dates- opens in a new window or tab include seller's.
Bid History for Keuffel and Esser Transit Auction Start Date: VIN/Serial: Keuffel and Esser: 222258: Condition: A 7.5% ADMINISTRATIVE FEE WILL BE CHARGED.
1919 Keuffel Esser Preliminary Survey Transit The 1919 Keuffel Esser Preliminary Survey Transit No. 5129N. I've obtained this Keuffel Esser transit.
Serial numbers first appeared on the 4092-3 in the K E 1922 catalog, The 1942 end date for serial number series A is based on the Cooke Radio.
Find great deals on eBay for Keuffel Esser in Engineering Drafting Keuffel Esser Transit. Keuffel Esser I see a serial number 21954 and an item number.
My father picked up a Keuffel and Esser surveying transit at a garage sale for . 7 years ago. Posts: 35. June 29 The serial number dates to about.
Catalogue of Keuffel Esser Co., , serial number range 664946, 674000 through 674060, FSN 6675 Keuffel and Esser drafting instrument and supplies company.
Keuffel Esser Slide Rules. Probably my favourite slide rule manufacturer, Judging from the serial number, I'd date this rule to about.

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